"The sum of all fears - the force of life reversed into - the fire of a thousand suns - the blessing of a painless passing"

The Unknown Beyond - 2020

The Fire of a Thousand Suns - 2017

Demo EP - 2013

Reflections (2021) Music Video

A Thousand Suns (2017) Music Video

The Band

Back in 2010 in vocalist Manuel and drummer Nico founded DECAYING DAYS in Münster, north-west germany, to shape their musical passions in the rehearsal room. Some time and changes went by, until the release of the first demo-tape in 2013. Later in 2015 the current line-up with Daniel and Tobias on the guitars and Hannes on the bass guitar was consolidated.

Initially driven by the dark energy of finnish Death-Doom, the last two years of songwriting expanded the versatility of their universe of sound. Severe riffs and memorable Melodic Death Metal-melodies accompany with endtime-elegies and progressive trips and acoustic-guitars are giving drifts of the 90ies-Opeth aesthetics.

Decaying Days on Stage

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